Pool of Professionals / Polish Production Capabilities

Within our “Pool of Professionals,” we have assembled elite teams of qualified engineers, including a broad resource of IT specialists, ready to support projects related to digitalization and information technologies. Our staff also includes experienced welding inspectors, highly qualified welders, fitters, and industrial climbers, who are ready to meet the most demanding projects. We possess the knowledge, experience, and certifications to ensure the highest quality of services in engineering, welding, assembly, and IT. We provide comprehensive project management, from planning and supervision to effective implementation.

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Pool of Professionals /
Polish Production Capabilities
We provide access to an elite group of engineers and specialists from various fields. Our Professional Pool is a source of support for projects related to digitization, welding, assembly, and high-altitude work. Having investigated the Polish market thoroughly we can present their production capabilities.

Our “Pool of Professionals” services include:

  • Providing IT engineers to support digitalization projects, software development, and IT infrastructure.
  • Engineers and welding inspectors for supervision, quality control, and welding process evaluation.
  • Highly qualified welders with various specializations.
  • Experienced fitters for complex assemblies and installations.
  • Industrial climbers for high-altitude work.

Polish Production Capabilities:

We take pride in our role in promoting and supporting Polish manufacturing companies on foreign markets. Acting as their trusted partner, representing their interests, and aiding in achieving international success. We use our knowledge, experience, and contacts to support companies in expanding to new markets, identifying business opportunities, and developing international strategies.

Our “Polish Production Capabilities” services include:

  • Analysis of foreign markets and identification of potential partners and clients.
  • Representation at international fairs and conferences.
  • Assistance in trade negotiations and the development of business relationships.
  • Cooperation in the production of goods according to the client’s documentation.
  • Technical and technological consultancy
  • Preparation of necessary documentation.

Key Features:


Flexibility in Staff Allocation:
We are characterized by exceptional flexibility in team selection for projects. Our “Pool of Professionals” covers various specializations, allowing for quick adaptation to the requirements of each order—from industrial engineering to specialized IT projects.

Versatility and Experience:
In our team, you will find experienced engineers from various fields, welding inspectors, welders, fitters, and IT specialists. This diversity of competencies allows us to undertake a variety of tasks, delivering quality solutions at every project stage.

Global Perspectives:
We operate globally, supporting Polish companies in international expansion. We provide strategic guidance and market insights, helping identify new opportunities and partners, allowing our clients to grow and enter new markets.

Customized Solutions:
Our approach focuses on delivering personalized solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. Whether it’s an engineering project or IT support, our services are custom-fit to achieve accurate and efficient results.

Professionalism and Quality:
We are committed to maintaining the highest standard in every project. Our dedication to quality and professionalism is evident in every task performed, translating into client trust and satisfaction.

Trust and Long-term Relationships:
We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients. Through transparency, communication, and continuous delivery of value, we become a reliable partner for the long term.

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Measurement Services and 3D Scanning /
Reverse Engineering

Explore the world of precise measurements and 3D scanning with ProScan. Our services include workshop metrology, 3D scanning in construction and architecture, reverse engineering, and Dimensional Control training. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver high accuracy and speed, supporting cost and quality optimization of your projects.
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Online Documentation

ProQ is your platform for online quality and welding support. We offer flexible and quick services for creating, verifying, and adapting technical documentation. Our expert knowledge in welding and mechanical engineering ensures documentation compliance and precision, supporting the efficiency and quality of your projects.

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