Online Documentation

In the realm of QC – Online Documentation, we offer the availability of our online experts, which allows for flexibility and rapid access to knowledge.

Pillar III
Online Documentation
ProQ is your platform for online quality and welding support. We offer flexible and quick services for creating, verifying, and adapting technical documentation. Our expert knowledge in welding and mechanical engineering ensures documentation compliance and precision, supporting the efficiency and quality of your projects.

We provide support in the areas of:

Creating Documentation:
Our experts in quality and welding assist clients in developing documentation compliant with contracts

Verification of Documentation:
We use specialized knowledge to ensure the precision and compliance of documentation

Compliance with Contracts:
We ensure that the documentation meets all required contractual standards

Expert Knowledge in Areas of:

  1. Dimensioning and tolerances
  2. Welding engineering
  3. Welding inspection – NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  4. Mechanical engineering

Our service is designed to streamline the compliance and verification processes, ensuring that your projects adhere to the highest standards with ease and efficiency. Our goal is to mitigate risks, reduce errors, and ensure the success of your projects through expert support and guidance.

Pillar I


Measurement Services and 3D Scanning /
Reverse Engineering

Explore the world of precise measurements and 3D scanning with ProScan. Our services include workshop metrology, 3D scanning in construction and architecture, reverse engineering, and Dimensional Control training. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver high accuracy and speed, supporting cost and quality optimization of your projects.
Pillar II


Pool of Professionals /
Polish Production Capabilities

We provide access to an elite group of engineers and specialists from various fields. Our Professional Pool is a source of support for projects related to digitization, welding, assembly, and high-altitude work. Having investigated the Polish market thoroughly we can present their production capabilities.

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